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Free the nipple, right?

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Free the nipple, right? The new statement of activism with very old roots is being echoed and backed by everyone from Miley to Björt Ólafsdóttir, a member of parliament for the Bright Future Party of Iceland. Being topless and a woman has been legal in New York City for some fifteen years, but somehow people seem to still be confused. How about in your city? Despite the changes in statutes legalizing female toplessness in a number of states, we are still at risk for being charged with public indecency, indecent exposure or disturbing the peace for sunbathing or even breastfeeding. In 2005, a woman named Phoenix Feeley was arrested and incarcerated for sunbathing topless in the state of New York. Of course these charges were found later to be unfounded, as on paper she was within her legal rights-but what exists on paper and what exists in our society are two very different things. Currently, breastfeeding laws in the United States have no enforcement provision. That means that while a state may have a law that says a mother has a right to breastfeed in public, if someone harasses or tries to stop her while she tries to feed her child, there is probably no legal action she can take. Is a breastfeeding law without an enforcement provision of no value to women? What do you think? Chime in below on facebook, twitter, google, pin it and more!

(image source:ew.com)

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